Don't Forget Your Own Personal and Professional Development

03/10/13 4:17 PM

Are you prepared to turn life’s obstacles into opportunities–and make them your own? Will this be the year when everything falls into place…just the way you envision it?

If you are like many of us, you spend countless hours encouraging others to develop their skills in order to clarify, set and achieve their goals. But what about YOU? How often do you take the time to focus on YOUR dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations? The best way to make certain that you are satisfied and productive in your life is to check in with yourself once in a while to identify what you are most passionate about.

Take time every day to do something that is soul satisfying to you. Take time to meditate on a regular basis. Take time to be silent. The more you ask your subconscious mind to focus on what you want in life, the clearer your goals will be come–and the easier it will be to develop your own, personal blueprint for success. We have been taught as a society that it is selfish to think about ourselves first. But, think about being on a plane, getting ready for takeoff. What does the flight attendant say during the safety drill? Put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST--then help the person next to you. If you don’t have that flow of life-sustaining oxygen going into you, you cannot help anyone else. Take care of yourself first–and you will be in a better position to be of help to those around you.


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