Tom’s Supreme Moment

I am living, breathing proof that dreams DO come true…IF you believe they can!

Music has always played a vital role in my life. My earliest childhood memories are of sitting next to my little portable record player, listening to the sizzling sounds it reproduced – as if by magic, to my young mind.

At some point, most of us, of any generation, have had such an eye-opening experience. For me, this remarkable moment let loose a vivid dream – to one day live the show business life! You see, that’s all I’ve ever really wanted – to find a way to harness the magic in the music, and through the music, make a difference in people’s lives – in your life, perhaps.

Today, Ingrassia Artists represents performing artists in a wide variety of fields. And it all started [links to Tom’s Supreme Moment] with the music coming out of that little record player and my transistor radio.

Do you have dreams for yourself and your life?

Do you believe in your dreams?

Do you truly believe that your dreams will come true?

Are you living your life with no limits?

If your dreams have been anything like mine, you’ve had your own Supreme Moment. And my own experience may just help you live into your own dreams!

So there I am at the Jersey Shore, lying on a sunny beach in the summer of ’64, in the midst of the British Invasion, under the command of The Beatles, Stones, ‘erman’s ‘ermits and all the rest. I’m groovin’ on rock ‘n’ roll blaring from my trusty transistor radio. (Google that, youngin’s!)

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, I’m falling in love with the sounds of The Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go?” one of earliest and most remarkable numbers in Motown’s dazzling hit parade.

My supreme ah-ha moment spawned in me a dream – a burning desire – to somehow, someday, pursue a career connected to show business. And I’ve never looked back!

Along the way, I’ve worked with some of the legendary singers from the 1960s, including Mary Wilson (The Supremes), for whom I served as executive assistant from 2001-04; Arlene Smith (The Chantels); June Monteiro (The Toys); Barbara Alston (The Crystals); Carl Gardner (The Coasters); and actress Dee Wallace Stone.

If I can follow my dreams, so can you! And the MotivAct Group may just be able to help you on your way.