Group and Individual Coaching for Success

Group Workshops and Seminars–Reaching for Your Dreams

At the MotivAct Group in Central Massachusetts, we know that reaching for your dreams is never easy. As the popular tune tells us, “True dreams are hard to follow….” But if you believe in your dreams — if you believe in yourself — and if you have the faith and, dare we say, the audacity to follow your heart, then your dreams WILL come true. With the help of our life coach, Worcester, MA residents have the power within them to achieve their heart’s desire.

Our Philosophy

Living life successfully – and achieving your dreams – takes great courage, and often a willingness to take a risk or two. We continually face great opportunities disguised as unsolvable problems. And we can learn a great deal from the lowly turtle. It only makes progress when it sticks out its neck. We want to share this outlook – and the tools to achieve it – with you through our motivational lectures, seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Life Dreams

The MotivAct Group helps YOU make your dreams come true! Through our systematic workshops and self-motivational techniques, we provide you with a roadmap to get from where you are now to where you want to be – so you can live your life with no limits and achieve your full potential!

Mental Massage

What do you want to do RIGHT NOW…so that you don’t regret NOT doing it five years from now? Do you have a plan to make that happen? Mental Massage, our interactive, transformative workshop, is designed to help you develop a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be in life—with vision, courage, determination and passion. Through Tom’s and Jared’s innovative fusion of guided visioning and re-energizing neck/shoulder massage, as well as systematic self-assessments, we guide you as you clarify your professional or personal goals, create a plan to achieve those goals, and reduce stress as you enhance your mind/body balance.

Workplace groups—both profit and not-for-profit, as well as professional, civic, religious, and others—find Mental Massage the ideal way to pursue personal and group goals in an environment enhanced by the award-winning massage therapists of Revitalize Massage Therapy.

Strategies for Success for Non-Profit Boards: A Visioning Workshop

Tom and Jared guide your non-profit board through a step-by-step process to develop a five-year vision for your organization tied to your mission, and then to create a goal-driven plan to achieve your vision.

Making a Difference Begins with YOU…So Live into Your Dreams!

If you are like many busy professionals, you spend countless hours encouraging your staff and colleagues to think about increasing their skills in order to develop and meet both professional and life goals. But what about YOU? What about your own professional and personal development?

To make certain that you are satisfied and productive in your career, it’s wise to check in with yourself from time to time to identify what you are most passionate about. This motivational presentation—blending guidance, wisdom, humor and music—takes audiences on a 40-year journey that carried Tom, as a youngster in tiny Middletown, NY, to the halls of academia and then all the way to the glittery world of Motown and the entertainment industry. Tom shares his inspiring—and dramatic—story about the power of what seemed like an impossible dream, and how his strong faith has enabled him to make his dreams come true, and not without surmounting many obstacles along the way. Achieving your goals and dreams requires courage and risk. If you have the faith and the courage to follow your heart, and if you
work hard and persevere, then your dreams will come true. Seize the opportunities that are presented to you—and make them your own! It happened for Tom, and now he will share the secrets of success with you!

Achieving Your Life Dreams Workshop

In this workshop series, which can be formatted from as little as four hours up to six weeks, we guide groups through a step-by-step process designed to help you: Discover your dreams and goals
(what you REALLY want in life). Understand and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back. Begin using self-motivation techniques to get you started and keep you moving toward the achievement of your goals. Use the power you already have within to achieve your dreams.

Strategies for Achieving Mind/Body Balance

Join ten-time award-winning massage therapist Jared Chrudimsky as he shares tips and techniques to help you relax and cope more effectively with the stresses of daily life. This workshop is a one-of-a-kind exercise promoting spiritual and physical wellness.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Copyright

If you write, paint, draw in any tangible medium; use email, blogs, web pages, YouTube, social media; photocopy, scan, print then you are interacting with copyright. Myths and half-truths abound about how copyright applies in the digital age. So let’s explore these together. Barbara Combes Ingrassia guides you through the gray, murky ooze of copyright do’s and don’ts.

(NOTE: This workshop should not be construed as legal advice. For legal advice, consult your attorney. Every situation is unique.)

Additional workshops and seminars available include:

Personal Financial Planning to Achieve Your Goals, Strategies to Achieve Optimal Health for Success, Discovering Your Core Genius, and Organizational Creativity. Contact Tom for pricing options more details about these presentations. All programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization or group.

Individual “Dream Coaching” Consultations

Collaborating one-to-one, in five one-hour sessions, we help you clarify your vision to enable you to reveal what your ideal life really is. Next, we offer tools and techniques to help you reach your ideal using the power you already have within you, while rising above the issues that may have sidetracked you in the past.

At MotivAct Group, we are dedicated to helping you discover the work you were born to do. Through our life coach, Worcester, MA residents learn how to identify their skills and life purpose. They also discover and create a “breakthrough goal” to help them live their dreams.

Sessions may be in-person or via telephone/email. The first session is a guided visioning exercise, and clients may choose to add a brief, relaxing chair massage during the visioning for an additional fee. To schedule your Individual Dream Coaching Consultation, contact Tom.