Living Into Your Dreams, part 3

19/07/10 10:39 AM

I certainly don’t fancy myself some kind of superhero. I don’t possess superpowers. I’m no different than you are–I’m just an ordinary guy. But sometimes, even ordinary people–even someone who used to think he didn’t have much to offer anyone–CAN achieve astonishing things…IF we believe in ourselves, know what we want, and discover ways to live into our dreams with vision, purpose, determination and passion. I mean, look at me–I have achieved amazing things during my journey from academic administrator to entertainment entrepreneur and lecturer–including working with many of the legendary singers from the ’60’s–the very people I grew up listening to and idolizing.

YOU already have the power within you. And with the help of this ordinary guy, I can help you find the power to make an extraordinary difference in the world.

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