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Wisdom from The Wizard of Oz

May. 31st 2010

I always knew what I wanted. I knew what my dream was. But I let my crazy little fears, self-doubt, and the naysayers hold me back for decades from living into my dreams. What if I failed? What would I say to the people who said, “Told you so!”? What if people laughed at me?  I didn’t believe enough in myself or my dreams to have the courage to take a stand–I was too scared to take the risk.

Today, because I now believe in myself and in my dreams, my life has changed dramatically. I am doing the work I was born to do–and better late than never, I say! I still believe in chasing dreams, because I know that by living into my dreams, I have the chance to make an impact on people’s lives. And I know that if I can make a difference in even just 1 person’s life, then I will have changed the world.

It’s just like in The Wizard of Oz –when you know your mind…when you know your heart…when you know your courage…when you know yourself–you CAN change the world. You CAN make a difference.

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Watch Tom on “Faces & Places”

May. 27th 2010

Thursday, May 27  at 8 PM, I will be the guest on “Faces & Places with Zabelle D’Amico,” on HCTV-11, in Holden. The 30-minute interview focuses on my work as a pop music historian, and the cultural and social significance of Motown in the ’60s; as well as my work as a motivational speaker and life coach.The program also airs on May 28 @ 3 & 9 PM; May 29 & 30 @ noon; and May 31 @ 7 AM.

As soon as the program is available for viewing on the station’s website, I will post the link, for those who do not have access to HCTV-11.

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It’s Never Easy

May. 24th 2010

I know–you are sitting there saying who IS this guy–and what can he say that will impact my life?”

Well, I am living, breathing proof that you CAN make your dreams come true. It’s not always easy reaching for your dreams. In fact, it’s NEVER easy! True dreams don’t just fall into your lap. You have to nurture them. You have to persevere against sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds. You have to work hard to give voice to your dreams. However, if you believe in your dreams–if you believe in yourself–and if you have the faith and courage to follow your heart, then you WILL achieve your heart’s desire–with vision, courage, determination and passion.

I am not a superhero–I’m just an ordinary guy. But my life–which has the ring of a beautiful fairy tale to it–proves that even the most ordinary people–even someone who thought he was nobody (ME!!)–can accomplish extraordinary things All you have to do is believe in yourself, know what you want–and how to get it. In doing so, each one of us has the power–and the obligation–to make a difference in the world.

It happened to me–and it can happen to you, too!

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May. 7th 2010

I received this testimonial following a Visioning Seminar I recently presented:

“I really enjoyed your seminar today. I felt very inspired to look at the big picture. It’s easy to get in a comfortable rut and miss the opportunities to grow and truly find fulfillment in life. You provided all of us with that boost of positive energy and encouragement we need. You helped me to listen and learn what my heart has been telling me.”

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